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High expertise in global veterinary markets and products is key to ensuring higher quality and guaranteeing animal health and welfare.

Each decision is unique to maintain animal health and sustainable product development.

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For large and small industries, from agriculture to food production, a complete range of key nutrients to improve product quality, competitiveness and sustainability.

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Agri-food products are one of the most important assets, they have a guarantee of quality and professionalism by complying with the quality of the product, a correct production process and meeting the needs of the consumer.

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Every choice is decisive for the quality and lifespan of animals and people, which is why we are always looking for new solutions and natural alternatives to improve and maintain health and for sustainable development.

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A natural and specialised support to find your best choice for feed preparation, ensuring a higher quality production process to increase animal performance.

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Biocidal products are mixtures containing one or more active substances that serve to repel, neutralize or destroy harmful organisms. These biocidal active substances can be chemical substances or microorganisms (bacteria, viruses or fungi).

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About us

NaturChem BCN is a young Spanish company founded in 2018, with a team that has decades of experience in the sector and is mainly involved in the sale and distribution of active ingredients for the animal feed, food and pharmaceutical sectors.

It is made up of a highly specialised team for whom product quality and service excellence are an unavoidable obligation and the hallmark of the company.

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